Swiss people have a strange humour, a strange language too as well as they are an island within the European Union. I am Swiss. As unique as the country I am from.

Andi Frey

I was born in Switzerland in December 1965. After school I was studying micro electronics and mechanics. In 1997 I met a New Zealand girl in a pub in Zurich. This changed my entire life as I married Sue in November 2000 and two years later we decided to live in New Zealand.

I started carving stones after Sue asked me to copy a Koru she got from her son while she was overseas. I started enjoying carving and have become more and more professional.

My professionalism was recognized in 2009 when Sport Canterbury asked me to carve their award trophies for their annual event in 2010 and later confirmed 2011 as well.

I am proud to be selected as the award trophy supplier for the Sport Canterbury and the Sir Richard Hadlee Trust which have merged their awards in 2011 in to the Sir Richard Hadlee Sport Canterbury Awards.

I appreciate the trust both organizations have given me to supply such an essential part of their important venue they held. It is an honor for me to be selected. It also shows that Canterburians are working for and supporting each other.

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