Oamaru Stone:
Oamaru stone is often called Sandstone. Unfortunately this is incorrect as almost everything is lime. You can see this when a stone is carved--the dust is as fine as flour.

Pricing of my carvings:
The price of a carving depends mainly on the size of the stone used. Shapes which are hard to set in stone may increase the price of the carving.
Below is a pricing guideline
1:  200x200x30mm NZ$ 65
2: 390x320x50mm NZ$125
3: 650X390x100mm NZ$380
4: 650x390x125mm NZ$425
5: 1000x500x100mm NZ$700
6: 1000x500x125mm NZ$825
(Quarry limited stone size is 1300x1300x1300mm)

The stone is sealed to be placed outside but not to be used as a water feature.

Paua (Abalone) or green stone insets are very popular. Please ask for a quote.

Packaging, handling and posting is not included.

Canterbury: Pick up, personal delivery (+10$) or courier (track and trace only).
Rest of the world: By courier (track and trace only). Please do not ask me to send it with normal post - I tried it numerous times and only once the stone arrived save and sound.

Please feel free to order by email, mail or phone. My carvings are handmade. Please do not order huge quantities.

Full amount is expected by confirmed order. Canceling an order before I start carving is free. After I started carving a 25% charge will apply.

Your carving is insured while it is in mine, the gallery or in the courier's care. After you have signed the delivery docket the insurance is waved. Please check goods upon delivery.

These carvings are made of lime stone and therefore easily breakable. Do not place it on carpet or uneven surface. Keep out of reach of children and pets. No warranty given if out of the galleries or my care.

This is a hobby of mine. I do not intend to export my hobby to china or elsewhere in the world. I truly appreciate if you refuse to ask me to do so.

Special offer:
A 10% discount will be granted for any order received from all Sport Canterbury employees, members of the Sir Richard Hadlee Trust as well as all receivers of an Award Trophy from the Sir Richard Hadlee Sport Canterbury Awards 2010 / 2011 and 2012.

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To contact us:

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